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UV Coating Specification
Flood UV:
  • Covers entire sheet (one side at a time).
  • Maximum sheet size: 38 x 50
  • Minimum sheet size: 11-1/2 x 17-1/2 (hand feeding of smaller sizes may be possible).
Spot UV:
File Required:
E-mail Illustrator (.ai) or Acrobat (.pdf) file to
File should be set-up as follows:
  • imposed press sheet file
  • all elements in 100% K (black) only
  • all type outlined
  • Sheetwise printing of images is best.
  • Maximum sheet size: 28 x 40
  • Minimum sheet size: 12-1/2 x 19
  • Gripper margin: 3/4" (minimum to UV area)
  • Tail, guide, and wild : 1/2" (minimum to UV area)
  • Please mark clearly guide and gripper, use operator side guide if possible.
  • Trapping screen printed UV image to an offset printed graphic image is difficult. +- a 1/32" is realistic but is dependant on the quality of your registration and paper used.
For Both Flood and Spot UV:
  • Full coated sheet of paper (UV is a liquid and "soaks" into sheet).
  • NO Matte, or any Uncoated sheets. (Finch fine is uncoated)
  • 80# book weight minimum (some lighter weights, with up charges, can be done).
  • A #3 or better grade is recommended.
  • Conventional printing inks should not be used.
  • Use of wax free ink(s) and (or) coatable sizing is a must.
  • For Flood UV use a minimum of offset spray powder; excess spray powder may not be able to be crushed prior to the UV application. The UV coating will bond to the excess spray powder creating a sandpaper / raised speckled effect.
  • For a quality job, Spot UV requires the complete removal of all spray powder from the sheets; any powder on the sheets provided by you will cause a raised speckled effect under the UV coated areas.
  • 24 hours (fully cured ink) should be allowed before we apply UV coating.
  • 24 hours should be allowed after we coat before banding for shipment or coating of back side of sheet.
  • Special arrangements can be made for quicker turn around - however SLC can not be held responsible any blocking of sheets that occurs.
  • Please provide the following information. Sheet size, Weight of paper, Square inches of coverage per sheet (spot only), Type of UV (gloss, dull), Number of sides, Quantity of sheets.
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