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Remoisten Glue Specification
File Required:
E-mail Illustrator (.ai) or Acrobat (.pdf) file to
File should be set-up as follows:
  • imposed press sheet file
  • all elements in 100% K (black) only
  • all type outlined
  • Sheetwise printing of images is best but not required.
  • Maximum sheet size: 28 x 40
  • Minimum sheet size: 12-1/2 x 19
  • Gripper margin: 3/4" (minimum to scratch-off area)
  • Tail, guide, and wild : 1/2" (minimum to scratch-off area)
  • Please mark clearly guide and gripper, use operator side guide if possible.
  • Trapping screen printed scratch off image to an offset printed graphic image will not work. +- a 1/16" is realistic.
  • Uncoated or matte coated sheets work best.
  • 70# uncoated or 80# matte book weight or heavier works best for the automatic screen printing.
No special printing inks or coatings are required.
The remoisten glue is best if the following are taken into account:
  • A minimum of ink coverage should be used under the glue area, allowing for the best bonding of the glue area to the paper.
  • Screen or "phantom" the printed image 30% or greater.
  • NO SOLID INK COVERAGE under the glue or in the area it will stick to.
Avoid contact with anything that may "wet" the remoisten glue, bonding with the opposite side will take place. Sweaty hands can cause glue activation. Puckering of the paper may occur, care should be taken to jog carefully.
  • Please provide the following information. Sheet size, Weight of paper, Square inches of coverage per sheet, Quantity of sheets.
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